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Girl Running in Field at Sunset

It's time to shine.


  • 3 or 6-month coaching program

  • Sessions twice/month or once/week

  • 60-minute sessions by phone or Zoom

  • Unlimited texts and emails between sessions


I have experienced first-hand the life-changing support of coaching and believe it should be accessible to anyone who wants it.  Accordingly,

I offer a sliding scale from $75 - $125/session. I ask that you choose an amount that is an authentic stretch for you but not a hardship.

I offer a scholarship rate on an individual basis.

"Working with Ami is Great! I have learned that to have a lot more compassion for myself is key to actually making changes. Ami is an extremely attentive astute listener. She has helped me delve deeply into identifying where I get stuck. I feel so much more optimistic after these three months working with Ami. " 
Heather Lee, Early Childhood Arts Educator

I also offer customizable workshops, like this one:

Cozying up with Clarity

Let go of the resolutions and join us in gaining clarity the whole year through. In this fresh start focus session, we'll set down the "shoulds" and the pressure to "be" a certain way. Instead, we'll get clear on what truly holds meaning for us. Then, grounded in our intentions, we can create joyous goals and useful habits so that we are living in alignment with who we are and how we want to show up in the world.

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